When life gets ya down

When life gets ya down, the best thing to do is to take a break and then get back up. The weather was terrible, way too hot. It was really hard to be motivated to get anything done when it felt overwhelming to just move. Then as if the Universe couldn’t just let things go… A friend of mine who has been dealing with a BRCA2 breast Cancer that had already gone to stage IV, finally came to a decision about what she wanted to do. These things are never easy, even when I had this mental image that I used to try to prepare myself. I wasn’t and still am not. I lost the ability to focus for a bit as I fell into an abyss of how hard it is for me to imagine her not being here anymore. I really do love her, she’s been that rock who holds other people up. Checks in and is like a ray of sunshine. I watched her rebuild herself over and over again. She’d hit rock bottom and then get right back up again. She’s been someone I watched and admired. I always will. After taking a break to get myself back together, I finished storyboarding. It’s hard to keep doing things when you’re heart is breaking but it’s doable. I will likely write more here at some later date. Probably after I post the digital drawing I did of my friend. All I can say is “I’m back” and hopefully you enjoy!