Universal Exchange and my newest Comic!

Many of you may have noticed that I didn’t really put up an artist post when I added the latest Universal exchange. A lot of things were going on at the time and I was a bit distracted.

I really hope you enjoyed the latest Universal Exchange! I know, I know I promised a bunch of new content and then I was a bit lack-luster. But, I had a really good reason. I would like to introduce you to my latest and newest Comic..

*drum roll please* Introducing “The Black Lion Hunters of Tyria”, this comic is going to be a weekly comic following the shenanigan’s of the Black Lion Hunters guild. It’s a labor of love and silliness. I really do hope you enjoy it!

Tyria is the world the MMO Guild Wars 2 (and originally Guild Wars 1) is set in. It’s probably my favorite MMO, to me the story is excellent and the plots are great! The characters in my comic are representatives from the guild Black Lion Hunters, the experiences described will hopefully entertain those who play the game and those who just want more content. I look forward to seeing what you think!