Happy Halloween from BLH and Universal Exchange!

It’s Spooky time again bring on the jack o’lanterns, candles, fog, and people in costumes. The time of year where creativity is not just expected but also celebrated. Halloween is my favorite holiday. Every style and every genre gets to play in this playground. It encompasses the heroic, the gruesome, the fantastic, the mystical and the most terrifying all wrapped into.

Every year I try to challenge myself to learn something new, try something different and expand my art. I’m not always successful obviously, some styles are harder for me than others. This is the best time to play around with new things though. In line with that, I joined #affinitober and have been posting a piece every day (even when I disliked what I created). We’re nearing the end of the event and I am going to miss it. I’ve placed a few of my favorites into my Redbubble store and I even created several patterns this year.

So what are your favorite parts of Halloween? What do you dislike?

I’ll go first: I love ghost stories, all of them. As for least favorite? I dislike zombies, I’ve never been a fan.