Plans, Holidays, and other things

So.. “The best laid plans of mice and men” I was planning to have it completely updated, then came the Holidays (where I explained to myself that it was the Holidays and it was ok.). Next came allergies but yeah.. And today, despite my best efforts.. I can’t seem to upload anything. My cloud server is no longer allowing me to update things.

So, until I get this issue fixed.. It’s going to be a bit longer.. *grumble* Hopefully tomorrow it will be fixed and I’ll be able to start uploading. Will keep everyone posted!

Universal Exchange and My art

For years I have used different portfolio websites to showcase my work, in many ways I suspect the reason came down to undiagnosed and untreated ADHD. Since getting diagnosed and starting treatment a lot of things have shifted and that includes this.

This is my first time writing a webcomic, I have semi-drawn comics before but mostly for my own amusement and never digitally. I’m still working out my style and my voice.

I really hope that you enjoy Universal Exchange and I will try to add a few of the other comics that I have been writing in the background. Feel free to drop a like, and I hope you enjoy the COVID-19 Saga as much as I do.