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I’ve not been posting recently

I’m very sorry dear readers of the page. I stopped posting around the time that I discovered how much of my work had been stolen by AI generators. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am with my art. I wouldn’t say I’m an “amazing” artist but I learn from each piece and I felt I got better each time. When I went through to try to remove all of the work that had been scooped up by thieves to “inform” their generators on what art is, I had to ask myself many questions. The most important one was “do I want to keep doing this?”. I do, but I won’t let my art be stolen. I’m still determining my options to protect my art from thieves, when I have that I will begin posting my work again.

I am still posting to Insta, the quality of the art is less but if you want to keep seeing what I’m doing feel free to check there.

Thanks again for all of your support.